Thursday, January 31, 2019

We want to be at the table and not on the menu!

Location: Out in the City

Out in the City

Groups at work in breakout sessions in Amsterdam. Use the locations as an analogy and inspiration for your conversation. ‘What is possible?’ and ‘What can be done?’

13.00 - 17.30

Group 1: The evolution of the city Amsterdam Amsterdam City Archive - Gert Eijkelboom (University of Amsterdam) & Peter Kapitein.

After the flourishing ‘Golden Age’, Amsterdam turned into a pauperized city between 1800 and 1900. But that changed. What changed Amsterdam in the 19th century? What caused this change and what hurdles were taken? What can we learn from that?

Amsterdam City Archive, Vijzelstraat 32, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Group 2: DNA-profiling as a standard. Hartwig Medical Foundation - Edwin Cuppen (HMF) & Piarella Peralta (I2L). There is a lot of discussion about DNA sequencing. Of course sequencing is important. The way it’s done at the Hartwig Medical Foundation is different and with the best outcome. Why is this the case and why should you know about this and become an advocate for this foundation?

Hartwig Medical Foundation, Science Park 408, 1098 XH Amsterdam

Group 3: Mobile health and the revolution of healthcare in Africa. PharmAccess - Kwasi Boahene & Noortje Gabriëls (LUMC) & Ilona Schelle (I2L) PharmAccess is founded by Joep Lange, the well-known Dutch AIDS-researcher and –clinician. It is founded to improve healthcare in Africa and it uses technology to do this. Ever heard of MPesa? You will hear from it and will be amazed what has been achieved through it.

Pharmaccess, AHTC, Tower C4, Paasheuvelweg 25, 1105 BP Amsterdam

Group 4: Taste for Food. Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Hospital - Eric-Jan Wissink (Smaak van het Huis), Gamy Meije (AvL), Robert Greene (I2L), Gaston Remmers (I2L) Rudi Crabbé (Eten + Welzijn).

Cancer patient that undergo radio- or chemotherapy often lose their appetite and taste. With appropriate food preparation these patients can be supported in keeping their wellbeing and assisting their recovery. Recently, a number of cancer care institutions are adopting a new approach, inspired by the organizations ‘Taste of the House’ and ‘Food and Wellbeing’. This workshop gives firsthand experience how to adopt new food preparation and catering approach.

AVL, Plesmanlaan 121, 1066 CX Amsterdam