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Health is a matter of all citizens. The unborn, the young, the young adult, the adult and the elderly.’ We have to take care that health is not only important when we get sick, when we are diagnosed with cancer. It matters always and it needs to be emphasized when we are still healthy. Prevention from falling ill is key. Health cannot be fragmented: it is composed of an integrated fabric of physical, social and psychological aspects in a healing environment.

In healthcare, when citizens have become a patient, we have to look at diagnoses, the planning of the treatment, the treatment, reintegration in society after treatment and the after care. For the patient and her loved ones. A focus on Quality of Life is all of these stages is primordial.

Furthermore, in the journey from citizen to patient to citizen, a person-centered organization of health data is needed to speed up and improve the performance in all stages, and to boost research. We need activist interventions immediately after we know the state of the art and what is still needed. We better start thinking, discussing and working on it now. We want to be at the table. Not on the menu!

Welcome by the conference chair

Piarella Peralta (Inspire2Live)

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

We want to be at the table
and not on the menu!